Everything comes to a stop when a drain backs up. Whether the problem is minor or major, a homeowner or business owner has to stop whatever he’s doing to unclog an essential drain in a bathroom, workroom or industrial area. Drain cleaners are very popular with homeowners and some business owners, but they generally only work effectively on minor clogs. Sewer snakes can eliminate solid material that’s blocking a drain, but not the oily deposits that have also collected. For major clogs consisting of oil and large blockages, including tree roots, sewer cleaning equipment needs to be powerful.

A commercial plumbing company usually has as part of its drain-cleaning arsenal a sewer jetting machine, sometimes called a hydro jetter or a water jetter. Like a power washer with which millions of homeowners are familiar, a sewer jetter uses a diesel motor to push a powerful stream of water through a one-inch hose to clear all the debris in the drain or sewer line. Unlike a power washer, however, a sewer jetter increases the water volume going through the hose from about five gallons per minute to nearly 25 gallons per minute. Water pressure can reach up to 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch). With that kind of pressure, clogs and debris and even tree roots are scoured out of the line.

A sewer jetter has several advantages over a sewer snake, the type of sewer cleaning equipment many people rely on to clean clogged drains. A sewer jetter doesn’t just remove the clog, but also completely cleans the interior wall of the pipe of oil and sewer jetter nozzles any remaining debris clinging to it. The continuous high pressure of the water pushes the debris out of the line completely. As with a sewer snake, a sewer jetter can use a variety of different tools to clean several kinds of specific clogs. The high pressure the sewer jetter features doesn’t diminish as it works further down the line. Most sewer jetters use a 500-foot pressure hose that works just as effectively at the end of the line as it does at the beginning.

Plumbing and drain cleaning companies see most of the benefits of purchasing a sewer jetter. Homeowners and business owners who need a stubborn or hard-to-reach clog removed from a drain expect to call on a professional to handle the problem. A sewer jetter is one part of a plumbing company’s drain cleaning equipment arsenal that is sure to get a lot of use.